Know before you go

What expenses are generally covered onboard the ship?

Meals, accommodation, onboard entertainment and activities; such as night shows, movies, daily program (e.g. demonstrations, learning classes), swimming pool and gymnasium, library (if available), etc. Some cruise lines may include wine and drinks as well.

What expenses are generally not covered onboard the ship?

Generally, cruise fare does not include priced beverages, services in the beauty salon and SPA, shore excursions, laundry services, onboard gratuities, medical care and treatments, and any items of personal nature. Some cruise lines offer specialties restaurants that come with a minimal cover charge. Individual cruise lines may vary, so please check at time of booking.

Should I book early?

The earlier you book the wider choice of itineraries you have. You will have a choice of cabin and its location on the ship. Of course, you can also enjoy the Early Bird Savings.

What if I have a special occasion?

If a passenger has a birthday or is celebrating an anniversary, the ship can arrange a cake, flowers or a bottle of champagne for an extra charge. Many cruise lines now offer Anniversary Packages, which include a cake, portrait photo and breakfast served in your cabin.

What is category guarantee?

This means that you will be guaranteed an accommodation level but the cabin number may not be allocated at the time of booking. At the latest, you may have the cabin number upon check-in the ship.

Do cruise companies charge single supplements?

Some cruise lines have dedicated cabins for single occupancy with no additional charge while others you will be required to pay a single person supplement. Check with your travel agent or cruise line when enquiring about your cruise.

Can I access the internet when onboard?

Most ships now have internet facilities with many offering internet cafés. Almost all of the larger ships now come equipped with Wi-Fi with charge so you can take your lap-top and keep in touch with the office or home.

Do mobile phones work on a ship?

Yes - some cruise companies have contracts with land-based phone companies while others have connect services in place and as a result rates vary. The connect services are switched off when the ship is in port so you will pay the local rate.

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